Hope on Togolese universities

Hope on Campus


It is this 12:15, February 3rd on the campus of Lomé, Togo as we finish a meeting with those who are now called the “catalysts». These are our students and evangelists who have learnt about 2 months how to reach campuses with few resources. Togo for instance has 57 University Campuses to reach, and only two full-time staff assigned to the task. Add to that a small group of student volunteers who so far have mainly been used to working on their campus only. What do you do before the immensity of the task? Train all involved to change their approach and become catalysts. Thus, any member of the team may be working to increase the movement on several university departments, in several campuses, or both at once.

Since the training, I had not had the opportunity to sit down with the Lomé team to learn more about the evolution of their work. The s testimonies are edifying:

  • Philippe, a staff, now finds himself working in earnest to launch spiritual movements in the Faculty of Medicine, the School of Administration and the School of Architecture. One of the students of the School of Administration has already encouraged some of his classmates to share the Gospel to others, and some began to do so.
  • Juanita, who studies German found herself far from the Campus of Lomé, at the other end of the city, coaching a student at ESA, a Business School.
  • I personally spoke with Rachel, a student in 3rd year Civil Engineering from my church. After a preaching where I was talking about the importance of responding to the call of God, Rachel expressed the desire to know how to touch his training school. During a discussion, we later had at my place, I asked her what vision she believes God wants to accomplish through his life. She responded by painting a broad picture of an impact not only among her classmates, but also with professionals in the building business, since she is getting in the marketplace within a few years. It’s so interesting to ask students what they think God wants to do in their lives, because, that way, they do not undertake to accomplish our little plans, but the most ambitious plans from God.

Clearly, these students still need to see God at work in their lives and to learn more about evangelism, but what better training than to roll up their sleeves as they are doing right now, and work for the eternal wellbeing of other students on their campus and elsewhere. God is at work on the Lomé campus. Outside, the leaves are dry and the paths around the student hostels are dusty, but everything looks better when we know what the Lord is doing, creating a new generation of local evangelists.



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