Touching the hearts of young christians

Last December, during the Africa wide Pamoja conference held in Lusaka, Zambia, among other things, I had the opportunity to serve as speaker for a seminar on Marriage and Mission. How to you combine a call from God with the intricacies of love, dating and marriage. It was touching to see how the main student leader from the Democratic Republic of Congo needed expressed his gratitude for the insights gained, to see two young ladies from Ethiopia also saying thank you at the end, a bit shy, yet happy. I thought I could share with you these comments by

Sduduze Mthethwa from South Africa, a staff working with our sports ministry in her country.


Q1. Why did you choose to attend the Marriage and relationships session at Pamoja?

I think it’s an interesting topic if you are young and single Ha-ha..I didnt have any expectations I just went in to hear what the speaker had to offer us. To be quite honest as a Christian you know what the bible says about living a pure life, marriage and sex. Most young people know.

Q2.. My reaction to the session.

The Message was centered on trusting God to bring your partner, also touched on living a holy and pure life as believers, how far is too far in a dating relationship etc.

The message was properly articulated without any harsh and judgmental spirit but at the same time it was scripturally based message without any sugar coating.

Q3. The decision I have taken and the impact I might eventually have on my life and relations.

There are 3 things I took out of the sessions:

  1. Loving God not the benefits…

As young people, it’s so easy to look for containers (how a man/woman looks on the outside not focusing on the content and forget that looks fade as time goes on in marriage)

I was challenged to love and trust God not what he has to offer, in this case a husband…

  1. Trust the word of God and learning the art of hearing the voice of God.

Patrick shared his testimony about how he met his wife, chose to trust God and married his wife without any form of attraction feelings what so ever… That shook me to the core .

After that testimony i realised that i hadnt fully surrendered my relationship life to God…

  1. Obedience produces better fruits than Sacrifice…

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